Grand Theft Auto III ( GTA III or GTA3 for short ) is the third game in the Grand Theft Auto series and also marks the beginning of a trilogy and its chronological completion. It was first released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 , then in 2002 released for Windows . GTA III is the first game in the series to use 3D graphics. By default, the third-person perspective is enabled. Optionally, you can alsoswitch to the bird’s eye view typical of GTA 1 and 2.

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GTA III is the first game in the series to feature an elaborate storyline told through cutscenes in game graphics. The story is based on gangster movie classics such as The Godfather and Scarface.
GTA III plays in the city of Liberty City in 2001. The player assumes the role of a nameless gangster who does not speak a single word throughout the game and who is only identified as “Claude” in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas . The player accepts orders from different clients, which become more demanding over time. The clients are the influential heads of various criminal organizations such as the Leone Mafia family (Italian) and the Yakuza (Japanese). Smaller orders come from the leaders of local street gang.

Game Principle

Mainly the game consists of a combination of shooting and driving sequences. The tasks for the player can be divided into three categories: main missions, side missions and free games. Both in the missions and outside the missions, the police react to criminal acts of the player. The more crimes the player commits, the more cops and other units take up the persecution of the player.

The main missions are the plot of the game and therefore have a chronological order. For this, the player must visit various clients in the game world. In the following short cutscene the action is continued and the problem to be solved is described. The player then has to solve the mission with weapons and / or vehicles he finds or has already found in the game world.


A large number of gangs control the city. While some gangs are equipped with baseball bats, others have micro-Uzis and other strong weapons. A selection of the most important gangs:

  • Colombian Cartel: They bring the drug SPANK into circulation and try to gain a foothold in Liberty City.
  • Leone Mafia family: Claude’s first clients are firmly owned by Saint Mark’s. Her “Don” is Salvatore Leone.
  • Triads: The Triads want to push back the mafia from Portland. For camouflage they operate a mackerel factory .
  • Yakuza: The Yakuza try to prevent the Colombians from gaining influence through drug sales in the city.

Besides, there are smaller gangs, the local street gang, but in the plot of the game have less importance. These include the Diablos , the Yardies and the Southside Hoods . Claude is commissioned by her bosses with some side missions that have nothing to do with the main plot itself.

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Game Requirements

  • CPU SPEED: 700 MHz.
  • RAM: 128 MB.
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP.
  • VIDEO CARD: 32 MB Direct3D Video Card.
  • SOUND CARD: Fully DirectX compatible Sound Card.

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How to install Grand Theft Auto 3

  1. Click on Download Grand Theft Auto 3
  2. Download the game file via the mirror you are directed to – make sure your internet does not disconnect during your download. How long the download takes depends on your internet speed connection.
  3. Run the game setup and install it in your desired directory – make sure you choose a drive which has enough space for the game.
  4. Launch the game using your desktop shortcut.