Cuphead is a shoot-’em-up – video game , that of the Canadian development studio has been developed StudioMDHR Entertainment and published. In the role of the title character “Cuphead” the player fights thereby different bosses , in order to settle a debt with the devil . The game is based heavily on cartoons from the 1930s, in particular on the work of Walt Disney and Max Fleischer and the surrealism used in it as a stylistic device. Cuphead was released on September 29, 2017 for Microsoft Windows andXbox One released. On 19 October 2018, a version for macOS followed . On April 18, 2019, a port for the Nintendo Switch was released.

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Cuphead is a shoot-’em-up game with a walk-in level selection similar to those found in Mario & Luigi games . The individual levels consist almost exclusively of Boss Fights , which can be divided into several phases. The character can continuously fire shots and has a jump and a swing ability that can be used at any time. The player can also buy new weapons and amulets that can be paid for with coins found in each level. Amulets give the character special abilities or extra health. As the game progresses, the player unlocks so-called “super” attacks. A total of six weapons, six amulets and three “super” attacks can be earned. The pawns have the ability to parry certain attacks. After five consecutive parades, the player can perform a “super” attack. The game also has a local co-op mode through which a second player can be involved in the fighting. However, this also makes the game more difficult.


On the fictional island of Inkwell Isle, which is inhabited by anthropomorphic objects, the two cups Cuphead and Mugman live as carefree children under the care of a boiler called Elder Kettle . Contrary to the warnings of the boiler, the two brothers visit the casino of the devil , that of a tuxedo carrying cube called King Diceis directed. When the two siblings have just a run of luck, this calls the devil who joins the table and wants to increase the stakes: should the brothers win again, he wants to give them the entire casino. But if they lose, they have to give their devils their souls.

Cuphead rolls a few ones and loses the bet. The cups have to give up their souls according to the agreement. When they begin to plead for mercy, the devil negotiates a deal with the two: they are to collect the souls of all the debtors of the devil who have bequeathed these to him, and he may leave them in peace. They go back to Elder Kettle , who gives them a potion to fire shots from their fingers.

The brothers eventually travel over the Inkwell Isle and collect the debt of residents who have also lost their soul to the devil. Once they’ve done their job, Cuphead and Mugman head off to the Devil’s Casino, where King Dice reveals to them that he has also lost a bet on the devil. It is implied that it was a bet if the two could really do their job. He finally enters another boss fightagainst them and loses. The devil finally appears and orders the brothers to hand over the contracts and join his team. The player now has the option to hand over the contracts or to refuse. If he hands over the contracts, the devil turns Cuphead and Mugman into his gloomy lackeys, and the game is over.

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Game Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.0GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, 3.0GHz or higher
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 9600 GT or AMD HD 3870 512MB or higher
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

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How to install Cuphead

  1. Click on Download Cuphead
  2. Download the game file via the mirror you are directed to – make sure your internet does not disconnect during your download. How long the download takes depends on your internet speed connection.
  3. Run the game setup and install it in your desired directory – make sure you choose a drive which has enough space for the game.
  4. Launch the game using your desktop shortcut.