Crysis is a computer game by the German developer Crytek , who also received international recognition for his first game Far Cry . In Crysis is a first-person shooter , which is located in a futuristic scenario. Crysis is one of the first “big” DirectX 10 titles besides Hellgate: London , which does not come from a studio affiliated directly with Microsoft . [1] It is to date the most important German AAA video games counted. On the English-language website Metacriticachieved Crysis 91 of a possible 100 points.

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The plot of Crysis will be played in 2020 on the (fictional) tropical Ling Shan Islands somewhere in the East China Sea . After an invasion of the North Korean People’s Army (KVA) , the player is sent as a member of a US Special Forces, also known as US Special Forces, to liberate an archaeological team held there . The five members of the Raptor special team each have a sophisticated nanosuit that allows them to either increase their armor, strength, speed, or hide in an invisibility hex. In the unit, the player is codenamed Nomadand is accompanied by the other members Prophet, Psycho , Jester and Aztec. The latter two are killed early in the plot by mysterious creatures, the other team members are separated from Nomad most of the time. So Prophet is kidnapped by a being and reappears later in the game. In the rescue of the last survivors of the archaeological team, the player faces the North Korean General Kyongin the way that wants to take advantage of the fabulous discovery of the team of archaeologists to change the balance of power in the world, he says. The discovery is an alien installation that seems to be awakening after its discovery. After the fight against the North Korean general and the breakneck rescue of the archaeologist Helena Nomad is left behind and has to pave the way through the alien base. As soon as he leaves them, the aliens cover almost the entire island in a -130 ° C cold sphere that shocks everything and anyone who does not wear a nanosuit. Once back on the US Aircraft Carrier , it must be defended against massive alien attacks after a nuclear strike hits the Spherethe extraterrestrials, as they seem to feed on energy. While Prophet despairingly deserted on the island before the nuclear strike , Nomad, Psycho and Helena escaped with a whiz , after they destroyed a massive alien spaceship that attacked the aircraft carrier. Following a message from Prophet, the plot ends with the survivors flying back to the island to fight these aliens.

Game Principle

Since the individual levels of Crysis offer several opportunities to achieve the mission goal, it is up to the player whether he beats his way through the island worlds with his computer-controlled comrades in action-style or prefer a more discreet way. There is a selection of weapons available that can be modified with accessories (such as a silencer or riflescope). While most types of ammunition are limited, the player has until the fight with General Kyong a rifle attachment, which can be stun darts shooting, which are available without limit, but have a long reload time. If an opponent is stunned, however, you can not remove a weapon or ammunition, or board a vehicle he occupies, and wake up anesthetized enemies after about a minute. In addition to land and water vehicles, aircraft can also be controlled.

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Game Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz (3.2 GHz for Vista), Intel Core 2.0 GHz (2.2 GHz for Vista), AMD Athlon 2800+ (3200+ for Vista) or better
  • RAM: 1GB (1.5GB on Windows Vista)
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (Radeon X800 Pro for Vista) or better
  • VRAM: 256MB of Graphics Memory
  • Storage: 15GB
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
  • OS: Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Vista
  • DirectX: DX9.0c or DX10

Crysis PC Download

Download Crysis

How to install Crysis

  1. Click on Download Crysis
  2. Download the game file via the mirror you are directed to – make sure your internet does not disconnect during your download. How long the download takes depends on your internet speed connection.
  3. Run the game setup and install it in your desired directory – make sure you choose a drive which has enough space for the game.
  4. Launch the game using your desktop shortcut.